Band Description Size Price €
AD HOMINEM girly, red on black S 13
ANGUISHED t-shirt, "Cold", white on black S 14
BENIGHTED IN SODOM t-shirt, red on black, "Send my Soul to Hell... Because I deserved this." M 12
BLACK SIN t-shirt, white on black, “Suicidal True Black Metal” Ltd 50 - only 2 !! L 15
BURZUM girly, "Coming Soon to a Church near You !" [Used but good condition.] XS 10
CLANDESTINE BLAZE t-shirt, "New Golgotha Rising", white on black L 15
EARTH (USA) zipped hoodie, white on black [Used but good condition.] M 25
KARNE t-shirt, white on black "Faith in Flesh" M 13
KARNE  t-shirt, black on white "Faith in Flesh"  M-L-XL 13
KARNE t-shirt, black, "Karrion & Beyond"  M-L-XL-XXL 11
KARNE t-shirt, black on white, "Symposium of Torments" Ltd 50 S-L-XL 11
MARDUK (Swe) girly, grey on black S 14
MERCYFUL FATE t-shirt, "Melissa" [Used but good condition.] L 10
PROCLAMATION t-shirt, cover from the split with TEITANBLOOD L/XL 14
ROOT t-shirt "Hell Symphony" [Used but good condition.] L 10
TAAKE girly, white on black S 14